Cherry Tree Quilts Online Learning Centre

Be a part of something very special this year. 

A community.

A community of like-minded quilters and hobbyists- who absolutely LOVE what they do!

A New Online Learning Space

This site has evolved from our desire to connect with our Quilty Friends, even though classes are on hold because of all the changes in the World today. We are offering classes through this Online Learning Centre. You can sign up for individual classes below. You can also step up into The TreeHouse - a membership that combines detailed written and video instruction via website, Facebook and Zoom, with other fun events to share and create an amazing community. The choice is yours, whether you sign up for our membership or choose to just take single classes, this is your resource to access and view all your content.


There is so much out there to learn and we've got it all right here as your go-to place for all things quilting.


Connect with a community of quilting enthusiasts just like you! Join our private FB community to connect even more!


When you're feeling stuck, there's no place like trying out new projects and ideas for much needed inspiration! 

How Does The TreeHouse Membership Work?

Your membership will give you full access to our online classroom space where you will learn so many new and exciting skills to G R O W as a quilter.

You will be able to log into your library 24/7 and view all of your class videos, print out pattern instructions, and any other content for as long as you are a member.

Block of the Month

Each month we will release a new block for the current BOM program.

Quilting Projects

Each month you will receive a new quilt pattern to download, along with a video class to learn the skills needed to complete your project. Tools that we feel will be helpful will also be reviewed.

What's Inside The TreeHouse?

New BOM pattern each month

New Quilt pattern each month

Video class to teach you all the skills to complete the month's pattern

Live Q&A sessions each month where you can get help on your project

Member's only Facebook Group where you can build the community, share projects and get support

Happy Hour Show & Tell and Sew Days

Quarterly Quilt Retreats on Zoom

Is The TreeHouse for You?

Have you been missing interaction with other quilters?

Are you craving a creative outlet?

Do you want to be part of a supportive and creative group of like-minded people?

Do you want to learn or refresh core sewing and quilting skills?

Do you want to access our tutorials and tips for making the basic  blocks and more?

Do you want to build upon these basics and learn more complex skills?

If you answered YES, The TreeHouse is for You!

Weekly Content

Week 1

Your BOM pattern will be available to download. 

Your main quilt pattern instructions will also be available to download. Use this week to gather fabrics and do your cutting. 

Week 2

Your in depth video class will be available to watch. You can get started on your sewing! 

Week 3

Live Q & A so that you can get any questions answered as you work on your projects. 

Week 4

Happy Hour Show & Tell or a Sew Day. Show off your progress on your quilt or anything else that you are currently working on! 

Frequently Asked Questions

The patterns we will be working through can be done by a Confident Beginner and above. The whole idea is to give great detailed instruction, so any parts that might be daunting will be thoroughly explained. And you can always ask questions in the Facebook group or during the Live Q & A's if you still need a little bit more help!

That's ok! You will still get all the information you need from the print outs and the video instruction. If joining a live event just isn't your thing, don't sweat it! 

You can always work at your own pace. You won't ever be "behind". All of the videos and downloadable patterns and instructions will be in your library for the entire time you are a member. So if you are too busy that month, the content will be there for you when you are ready for it. 

Not yet.  Each project however will have a full supply list available to help you select your materials.  We will be here to guide you if you have any questions.

Yes! Your membership will automatically renew every month, but you can choose to cancel it at anytime with 30 days notice.

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